Subject: Re: Returns to service professionals
From: "Tim O'Reilly" <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 07:07:59 -0700

"Robert A. Bruce" wrote:

> Since Yahoo is specifically mentioned by Tim, I should point
> out that we have had the opposite experience with them.  Yahoo
> has always been completely cooperative whenever we have asked
> them for quotes, or used them as a reference as a prominent
> FreeBSD site.  Yahoo is also one of the largest $$$ donators
> to the FreeBSD Project.

Sorry to be coming back to this late (I've been on the road and
out of touch), but yes:  I agree, Yahoo has been a good citizen
in this regard.  My point is not that anyone is being
particularly "bad" so much as that I feel that the free
software/open source community has not given much attention to
this situation, leading to dynamics that could very well turn out
like the original Bell Labs unix development.  That is, everyone
will be open until someone decides that there's competitive
advantage in not doing so.  And because no one thought about the
problem ahead of time, you need to go reinvent the wheel later,
as Richard did with GNU because UNIX was no longer widely
available in source form.

My point is a somewhat abstract one, I know, but I nonetheless
think it's important.  The way software is being used and its
effects delivered to people is changing radically in the age of
the net; our licenses and our thinking are aimed at the second
age of computing (the software age) and not at the third age,
which I call the infoware age.

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