Subject: Re: Opening up data interchange formats (e.g., book catalogs)
From: "Tim O'Reilly" <>
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999 21:54:08 -0700

We're working on it...

Rich Morin wrote:
> A number of technical publishers, including O'Reilly, are getting
> into the topic of XML.  So, a while back, I spent an afternoon on
> the phone, asking AW, PH, ORA and such if they had XML versions
> of their catalogs online.  Nada.  No timelines, either.  If the
> technical and professional publishers aren't going to lead this
> charge, who will?
> Creating an XML version of catalog information, when one already
> has the non-XML version, should be a relatively simple exercise.
> As a side-benefit, those areas where it is NOT simple may be good
> indicators of poorly specified data.
> I submit that ORA could do quite a bit to help both itself and the
> "Open Data" movement by setting up an XML version of its catalog,
> along with a sample tool or two to facilitate its use.  We could
> then use this to beat AW and PH into doing something, etc.
> -r
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