Subject: Re: Software Trademarks
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 14:17:51 -0400 (EDT)

Piyush Shukla writes:
 > One of the questions that I constantly field pertains to the use of
 > trademarks on Open Source Software - specially Linux. I have been unable
 > to locate a document that spells out the ownership of the Linux
 > Trademark and more the licensing and reuse "rules" for the trademark.

Linus owns the "Linux" trademark (even though someone registered it
for themselves in an extra-legal action.)  And while my information is
several years old, last I spoke to him about it, his attitude was "Why
would I want a trademark on Linux?  I have no interest in restricting
people's use of the name."

 > I understand that Linux is available under GPL, does this include the
 > use of the trademarked name - Linux and, as the lawyers succinctly
 > outlined to me - Where is the document that says Linux Trademark is
 > available under GPL? 

You'd have to ask Linus for the most current information.  It would be
nice to get an official, up to date, statement from the trademark holder.
To that end, I've CC'ed him on this message.  Linus?

-russ nelson <>
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