Subject: Re: Lehman Report, Software patents, and more
From: Jonathan Ryshpan <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 94 16:31:44 PDT

>   CM> 		... We have free device drivers and C
>   CM> compilers, but there are no free integrated development
>   CM> environments and only low quality application software.
>   Emacs - GCC - GDB looks pretty integrated to me, and it's free.  
>You have low standards.  Take a look at something like Lucid Energize,
>or Centerline's environment, or Powerbuilder, or Nextstep.

It looks like CM is feeding pretty high on the food chain.  I *often*
hear stories about buggy stuff from uSquish etc.  Just thought I'd share
one with you.

This afternoon one of my co-workers was editing a report with uSq-Word
when our network went off line for maintenance.  This locked up his
system [QUALITY!].  He's a pretty savvy user, so he was saving his
work manually every 15 minutes or so.  Unfortunately when he was done
rebooting his PC there was no evidence of the work he had done in this
afternoon's editing session -- the file appeared to be what it had been
when he went for lunch [QUALITY!].

Nothing like this has *ever* happened to me with vi (now a part of the
public domain) or with emacs.  My friend, as I say a DOS savvy fellow,
says that this kind of misfortune has happened to him often.

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