Subject: Re: Linux market projections?
From: "Karsten M. Self" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 15:23:49 -0700

Gartner and IDC are the two names which come to mind WRT Linux market
projections, though everyone's starting to get in on the act
(  Dan Kuznetsky is usually
attached to IDC's Linux pronouncements.  Both companies sell their
reports at US$100s to US$1000s per pop, though Dan's been known to talk
to folks on occaision.

Red Hat has sponsored/published some projections as well, and there are
a number of Linux counters and estimators around the Web.  You may get
some insights on the FSB list about why people have gone Linux|Open
Source.  A number of commercial SW companies who've elected to support
Linux have published their rationales (or at least what they _want_ you
to think they think).

Esther Dyson's covered the topic in Release 1.0, as have several clueful
pundits (Robert X. Cringley (PBS), Nick Petreley (InfoWorld and
LinuxWorld), John C. Dvorak, Dan Gillmore (SJ Mercury), Tim O'Reilly
(O'Reilly & Associates)).  Beware of bias whomever you choose to listen

Michael Anderson wrote:
> This is probably the wrong forum for this question ...
> I'm looking for market studies on the growth rate and
> probable market share of Linux in the next coupla' years.
> I have a client who is considering switching their
> applications from NT to Linux (they are being squeezed
> out by MS.) I've seen reports from various companies, such
> as the Gartner Group, in the last few months, but I don't
> have references for them.
> Any help is very appreciated - URLs are fine
> Thanks,
> --
> Mike Anderson
> Freelance Consultant

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