Subject: Re: Vendor canonization
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 18:26:21 -0400

| The reputation behind the vendor's brand.  If there is none, or not
| enough, then they need to borrow someone's reputation (e.g. Redhat's
| pre-IPO funding sources).

That begs the question.  I want to quantify the parts of reputation
relating to libre-ish software.

> You can of course do what Consumer Reports does, and define many
> objectively measurable categories, measure them, provide all the
> statistics, and define what you think is a reasonable index.  Ie,
> benchmarking, like PC Magazine etc already do.  But this would not
> really be beleivably accurate for "business practices", and would be
> rather hard to connect to "delivered value."

I'll give that a try, starting from the list Stephen offered.  We may
not agree that a given experiment measures a given property, and for
some properties we may never find an experiment that doesn't require
inside knowledge.  But I think having the scorecard is more important
than knowing the score.

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