Subject: Re: AW: open source training materials
From: Bernard Lang <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 01:48:42 +0200


  and you may request to have your name/logo on any courseware derived
from yours. That is good advertising.

Bernard Lang

On Wed, Sep 08, 1999 at 02:54:43PM +0000, Frank Hecker wrote:
> Lacal Jose wrote:
> > - I would position your company as a designer of courseware, and NOT as a
> > training company.
> I agree with this recommendation, and the reasoning behind it.
> > 
> > - I would also position your company as sort of a "certified trainer
> > development _developer_" organization.
> I agree with this also.
> > Now, all of the above is nice and good, but how do you guys (Eklektix) make
> > a living?
> One off-the-cuff thought: Specialize in providing fee-based "train the
> trainer" courses to organizations and individuals who want to provide
> training on Linux and related software.  Give attendees of your training
> fairly liberal rights to re-use and modify your training material for
> use in their own training services.  Perhaps (or perhaps not) also give
> them the right to sublicense your material (with or without their
> modifications) to others in the same way you've done for them.  Perhaps
> (or perhaps not) make the material available to people at large under
> the same or similar terms.
> Make your main revenue from two sources: class fees from "train the
> trainer" courses (including courses customized to particular
> organizations) and consulting fees for creating custom versions of your
> course material.
> There are many things that go into providing good training beyond the
> course material itself; I suspect that you have significant value to add
> there that you can get compensated for.
> > So, I would go around to the leading OpenSource projects and offer them to
> > design a training course for their project. I doubt you will have any
> > negative responses. Plus, you will take a leadership position in those
> > projects: as those projects grow in stature, so will your company's position
> > in the market. And that, although it won't pay the rent this month, will
> > open up some interesting future avenues for you guys.
> I think this is good advice as well. In this case if people in the
> project are providing help to you then it's certainly appropriate for
> you to return the favor by giving back some reasonable rights to use the
> material you develop.
> Frank
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