Subject: Re: Lehman Report, Software patents, and more
From: (L. Peter Deutsch)
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 94 19:22:00 PDT

> Free software generally isn't as good as commercial Mac software 
> addressing user interface issues.  But a lot of free software is a lot
> more reliable, extensible, and better supported than most Mac
> software.

That's interesting.  Extensible I can certainly agree with -- but you
have to be a programmer to extend it.  Since I'm a programmer, I see
this as a great benefit, but I suspect most end-users wouldn't.
Better supported is possible, but on-demand support is at exorbitant
rates -- Yggdrasil charges $2.95 per minute.  (On the other hand,
that's what Borland charges these days too.)  More reliable?  I
wonder.  I think the dreadful lack of protection and reliability in
personal computer OSs has a lot to do with perceived (and maybe
actual) application unreliability.  And finally, end-users will
overlook a lot if the UI is decent.

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