Subject: Two things
From: (Russell Nelson)
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 20:30 EDT

Two things:
 1) One of the assumptions of the fsb list is that free software can
    be a reasonable way for a business to make money, and
 2) The most discussion on the list has been whether that assumption
    is correct!

Since Cygnus and Crynwr and Yggdrasil and Hundred Acres and RTR and
Canta-Forda Computer Lab are all proofs of #1, the only possible
discussion is not whether, but how many businesses can make money off
free software.  It *may* be that a software industry using free
software would be many times smaller, yet still solving as many
people's problems as the current industry.  That would, paradoxically,
make everyone wealthier on average, but computer programmers poorer in

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