Subject: EY invests in online patent exchange
From: "Tim O'Reilly" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 15:12:59 -0700

I thought that the following news squib might be of interest to
some people (even though it isn't about fsb issues) in light of
the current patent discussion.  If web-based mechanisms open up
some of the backdoor horsetrading now done by big companies, it
could provide some visibility into the patent "marketplace",
which (as has been noted by others) is a multi-billion dollar
business for some big companies.

I always believe it's wise to understand what people are
currently paying for, and who benefits from the current system,
if we want to introduce change.

> PASADENA, Calif. -- Patent & License Exchange, which 
> operates the online patent market, said 
> consulting firm Ernst & Young made an undisclosed 
> first round investment in the company. In addition, 
> the two companies have agreed to co-develop knowledge 
> and risk management tools that will be featured 
> on the site when it becomes transaction-enabled 
> later this year. Services available will include 
> automatic real options-based patent valuation, automatic 
> patent validity insurance, and secure online transaction 
> services. was previously backed by individuals.