Subject: Re: My customers
From: (L. Peter Deutsch)
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 94 00:03:57 PDT

> People being people, they try to get someone else to pay for its
> development.  The best leverage point is the Ethernet board
> manufacturer.  When an end user goes out to purchase such a board, he
> can choose from a very large number of manufacturers.  And some of
> these end users require a packet driver of the manufacturer
> (e.g. Rutgers University).
> A single large order of adapters can pay for development of a packet
> driver.  And from the manufacturer's point of view, they might not
> make any money on that deal, but they've got the repeat business from
> that customer, and they're all set for the next packet driver
> customer.

I.e., a manufacturer will pay you a one-time fee to develop a packet
driver for each architecturally new board?  If your software is portable,
well structured, and well documented, why is it to their advantage to do
that rather than do it themselves starting from your existing free code?
How can you price your services so that this type of business (which I
would think would be very intermittent and low-volume) would both bring in
enough revenue to support you, and be more economical than the board
manufacturer doing the development themselves, or contracting it out to
some third party who will work for less than you (in India, say, where
salaries are something like 1/5 what they are here)?

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