Subject: Re: Why software patents are bad
Date: 17 Sep 1999 05:11:13 -0000

This Saturday, I will deliver a talk on this topic at the "Foresight
Weekend", see .  You, Christine Peterson, Jim Pick,
myself, and some other folks discussed this at a LinuxWorld #1 BOF.
I also wrote an article about this a while back, I think in .

So, it's been said, but there doesn't seem to be much coherent action being 
taken to solve the problem yet.

EFF seems to have emasculated itself. I asked RMS about that yesterday, and
he suggested that infighting was the cause. Perhaps Esther Dyson will be at
Foresight - if so, I'll ask her for a prognosis on EFF.

Meanwhile, Stallman and I have been discussing a revival of LPF.



From: Russell Nelson <>
> I presume that open source software is good for society -- better than
> closed source software.  If I'm right, then software patents are bad
> for society, because it's easier to find patent infringements when the
> source code is available.
> I didn't think that was a particularly profound observation, but
> someone whose knowledge and background I respect told me that he'd
> never heard it said before.  So, I'm saying it.