Subject: Re: Why software patents are bad
Date: 17 Sep 1999 08:23:30 -0000

>I presume that open source software is good for society -- better than
>closed source software.  If I'm right, then software patents are bad
>for society, because it's easier to find patent infringements when the
>source code is available.

Yes.  And, to the extent open-source dominates the industry (in the future,
as of this writing ;-), software patents are bad for society because
they represent a huge, intrusive governmental mechanism designed
to accomplish exactly what open-source code accomplishes, only better:
the publication of novel inventions, not only reduced to practice,
but often in deployed, working products.  The self-publishing and
self-propagating nature of open-source software is vastly more efficient
than any patenting system could ever be.

        tq vm, (burley)