Subject: Re: EY invests in online patent exchange
From: Alessandro Rubini <>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 07:54:32 +0200

> We suffer from exactly the same problem:  our self-interest[1] is a very
> plausible explanation for our opposition to software patents, and for
> our failure to accept counterarguments to our arguments.  This makes
> for both bad social science and weak politics.

Can you please restate the counterarguments? I've never heard a
sensible one. I just heard "it develops the market" and, to support
the european proposal to accept sw patents, "because americans do
that". Disgusting.

> [1]  Ie, our desire to accomplish our stated goal of spreading free
> software, which does not (as has been pointed out) generate sufficient 
> revenue to keep stables of patent lawyers on retainer.

Not only spreading free software, also pay our bills. All small
companies and independent consultants can be destroyed by simply
applying patent laws. I'm lucky (by now) I live in Europe.