Subject: Here is info on ftp.uspto.gove
From: La Monte H Yarroll <>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 09:46:06 +1000

Jonathan Ryshpan <> writes:
> Does anyone know how to get a copy of the Lehman Report?
> Someone suggested downloading it from, but an attempt to 
> connect failed:

Try  I couldn't find anything called the Lehman Report,
but there's lots of other fun stuff.

Here is the README from

The top-level directory contains the public hearings announcements from the
Federal Register and the following papers concerning patents:

barrett.paper  - Lee Barrett's paper on the patentability of mathematical

The directories mpep and tmep contain the most up to date versions of the
Manual of Patent Examining Procedures and Trademark Manual of Examining
Procedures available.  Certain sections of the MPEP have still not been
updated; see the README in the mpep directory for further details.

The directories software_hearings and exp_use_hearings contain the full text
transcripts of the hearings, as well as the speaker's prepared remarks, in
several different formats.  This information is also available for browsing
and WAIS search in the World Wide Web at the URL

The comments directory holds the collected email comments from the software
patent protection hearings.

For a description of the major topics and further information about the
hearings, retrieve the Federal Register notices.

Questions regarding the hearings and future developments regarding this
issue can be addressed to Mr. Kushan at

Technical questions regarding accessing and retrieving files, and other
general questions about this site (including suggestions for improvements and
other items you'd like to see) should be sent to