Subject: Re: Two things
From: (Russell Nelson)
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 94 22:55 EDT

   Date: Mon, 29 Aug 94 12:19:36 PDT
   From: (L. Peter Deutsch)

   >    An argument has been made that in a perfectly efficient
   >    market, ...

But we should not forget that socialism works under the same
circumstances that can make a market perfectly efficient.

   > So if you want to make money, you seek out inefficient markets, or
   > create a new market.

   Yes, in our business, which isn't directly linked to natural resources,
   that's pretty much true.  Which do you think the free software businesses
   are doing?

I'm not sure.  Maybe this answers your question:

Free software has better information flows:

  o Users contribute bug fixes,
  o Users contribute enhancements.
  o Users spread your software around.

Free software has worse information flows:

  o Users sometimes suffer a bug rather than risk offending a
    volunteer programmer (but commercial free software helps with this).
  o You never know who's using your software because they don't have
    to talk to you about it (you won't know that your software is
    being used in Brunei until you get a FAX from them :).

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