Subject: Re: "On Virus" -- get real
From: DJ Delorie <>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 09:33:20 -0400

> Right.  It's more like a gene-spliced STD of the future which imparts
> resistance to other STDs.  Once it makes its way through the
> population, you're safe from all other STDs.  If we had a word for
> this type of STD, it would be very accurate.  Anybody know if a
> science fiction author has come up with a name for such a thing?

Evolution?  Survival of the fittest?

Seriously, though, I do recall reading a short story about scientists
who gene-spliced the AIDS virus to deliver an intelligence-enhancing
drug to the "victim" (who ended up going insane due to sensory
overload).  It was called something like "neural chernobyl", but
that's probably not useful to us ;-)

Maybe the word you're looking for is "inoculation".