Subject: Marketing and Sales
From: DJ Delorie <>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 09:57:14 -0400

> Sometimes I wish there was more marketing and sales discussion,

OK, here's a thought to chew on - software handyman.  Why not?  I know
people who are handymen[*] (i.e. they do odd fix-it jobs for other
people for a living), why not software?

* "Handyman's union" or something similar to gather, inform, and get
  benefits of scale.

* Some way of paying (handymen usually take checks, but if you're
  working ten states away... ?)

* Standard rates for little projects.

* Way to reduce overhead so that small projects are worth doing as a

* Advertising?  In the physical world, word of mouth and a card at the
  local store work, but there is no "local" on the Internet.

* Tasks easy enough for a handyman to do, the user usually does
  themselves.  How to make it worth hiring someone?

[*] Men *and* women included, of course.