Subject: Re: "Users fix bugs" & distributors
From: (Adam J. Richter)
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 18:40 EDT

        Peter is obviously talking about email that he and I have
exchanged.  To say that I "asked [Peter] to send [Yggdrasil] bug
fixes" could be misinterpeted as some sort of request for ghostscript
consulting (not that I see anything wrong with making such requests).
Just to be clear, let me state for the record that we were discussing
the fact that users have plenty of options in buying tech support,
including "debugging problems yourself and sending us fixes."

>Now why should I do this?  [send Yggdrasil bug fixes.]

        The reason why you, or any customer of ours, has an interest
in sending us bug fixes for free (and in publishing those fixes as
widely as possible) is that the benefit to the customer of having
those bugs fixed in future releases exceeds the benefits that
the customer would most likely get from withholding those fixes.
In general, a bug has to be sufficiently aggravating and sufficiently
easy to fix for a user to fix the bug himself.  That roughly
defines a minimum value to the user of having the bug fixed permanently
and a maximum cost invested in fixing the bug.