Subject: More FSB, less libertarian debate, please
From: John Gilmore <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 1994 10:46:34 -0700

If I want to debate free markets and patents, I know where to find those
discussions.  Let's keep this list focused on free software businesses.


I am guessing that the last interaction between Adam and Peter missed
the point.  If a user produces a bug fix, to whom should they send it?
I think Adam was asking that the fixes be sent to him, the distributor;
Peter was asking that fixes be sent to him, the author.  (I'm using "author"
to really mean "current central maintainer" here.)

I see no problem with sending it to both.  If I had to choose, my
choice would be the author.  If Adam does receive patches and doesn't
forward them to the author, I think he will realize soon enough that
it's an ongoing pain to maintain private patches.  With each new
release, they have to be re-integrated and tested.  If the patch is
sent to and accepted by the author, it only has to be integrated once,
and it has probably been fixed correctly.  In my experience, most user
patches are local circumventions, which actually introduce other
problems that the user hasn't noticed in their environment.

	John Gilmore
	Cygnus Support