Subject: Re: "Users fix bugs" & distributors
From: Wendell Craig Baker <>
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 1994 19:33:23 -0700

Hello?  Did I miss something here? 

Is the world waiting for an [our] answer to the question of whether,
hypothetically, software developers want to hear about bugs in
their code in deference to CD-ROM pressors who should get the bugs?

Or maybe this is like some of those evangelical religions I done
seen on da telly where the whole purpose of the debate is the discussion
itself.  Telling the story ... just working with the issues back
and forth, back and forth.   Is this to be the ``second-greatest''
story ever told?

So.  Where do we send the answer to this grail?  Let's send it in
and be on with our business -- whatever that may be.

Hack code, not people.