Subject: Re: GNU License for Hardware
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 02:57:30 -0400

Tom Hull <thull@sco.COM> writes:

> Since it is possible to redistribute free software at no cost (other
> than having an internet connection), it is almost always possible
> for users to obtain the software for zero price. The reason for this
> is simple: it costs money to sell software for any given price,
> therefore whoever is willing to give it away will have an
> unanswerable price advantage over anyone who attempts to sell
> it. (This is, incidentally, why it is completely unnecessary to put
> any sort of limits on how much someone can sell your free software
> for, since the market imposes stricter limits than you could
> reasonably demand.

In support of this point, perhaps you could point me to a downloadable
copy of the libre portions of everything Cygnus ships.

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