Subject: Re: Brand name aspirin
From: Vicki Brown <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 11:03:15 -0700

At 02:07 -0400 10/11/99, Brian Bartholomew wrote:
> the customer acceptance of the higher price comes from the Brand Name
> Aspirin effect.  Is there a proper advertising word for this effect?

Yes. It's called "Brand Name Recognition".

It's tied in with... have you used other products from that company, do you
trust that company, do you trust their quality control (e.g. when two boxes
say they have the same ingredients and amounts, do you believe them?). Do
you trust them to replace the product if it is defective, to stand behind
their advertising? What's their packaging like? Is this bottle easier to

If it's a drug, did this company do the clinical trials itself? Or are they
just following a recipe? Do you trust them to have followed the recipe
correctly? Maybe one of their dyes is different. Maybe they don't clean
their vats with the same care (vat cleaning is important. People can be
allergic to the residual ingredients from the cleaning products, to the
materials in the grease for the gaskets...; you express doubt - I know
someone whose wife tests this sort of residual chemical traces for a

If it's software, maybe the cheaper company doesn't use the same materials,
maybe their discs are warped, maybe their ink rubs off. Maybe they didn't
checksum their bits the same way... or at all. Maybe they didn't check for
viruses. What if a disc is defective? Can I get a replacement? What about
customer support? Customer service? Manuals? Do the docs look like they
were run off on a bad photocopier that was running low on toner?

Maybe, for all it seems like two things should be identical, somehow, they
just aren't.

Brand Name Recognition. Brand Loyalty. Customer Goodwill.
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