Subject: a mechanism for getting paid for support
From: (Russell Nelson)
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 94 12:19 EST

First Virtual Holdings Incorporated has a system for getting paid over
the net.  You create some information and make it available on the
net.  People can download this information after giving you their FV
accounts number.  FV sends them email asking if they wish to purchase
the information.  They can say yes, no, or fraud (in case they didn't
ask for the information).

They take $0.29 plus 2% per piece of information.  It costs a buyer $2
to set up an account.  It costs a seller $10 to set up an account.
They bill buyers' credit cards, and deposit into sellers checking

Officially, you can only sell information, but they don't care how or
what that information is.  In particular, if you sell services, you
are completely at risk.  They say, "Basically, we do not police what
you sell.  If you choose to take the risk, then it's your risk.  It is
important that you understand we cannot be liable for nonpayment in
such situations."

Nonetheless, this sounds like an excellent way to get paid for
support.  Advertise a "Your Questions Answered Here for $X" email
address, answer the questions they pose, and hope they pay you for it.
Seems to me that if X has the right value, you ought to be able to
make money at it.  There's little risk to get started, it's something
you can do on a part-time basis, and for the right value of X, I have
some questions *I* would like to ask about Linux!

In fact, a clever person could make arrangements with the authors of
various Linux code to answer questions about that code.  Share the
wealth, plus get answers to questions about things you don't know
and/or don't have.

-russ <>
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