Subject: Re: a mechanism for getting paid for support
From: (Russell Nelson)
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 95 07:29 EST

   X-Btw: is also and
   Date: Wed, 4 Jan 95 21:58 PST
   From: (L. Peter Deutsch)

   > First Virtual Holdings Incorporated has a system for getting paid over
   > the net.

   Isn't this what AMIX tried to do?  What is FV's story about why they will
   succeed where AMIX failed?

For one, you can download information *first*, then decide whether
it's worth the asking price.  For another, it's much cheaper.  AMIX
wanted a cut of everything you did -- just like AT&T's 900-number
fees.  A fee to join, a fee per month, a fee per document.  And they
weren't chicken fee-d either.  The worst outrage was that they wanted
something like 50% of the document fee.

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