Subject: Re: a mechanism for getting paid for support
From: (E. Dean Tribble)
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 1995 12:41:40 -0800

At 21:58 1/4/95 -0800, L. Peter Deutsch wrote:
>> First Virtual Holdings Incorporated has a system for getting paid over
>> the net.
>Isn't this what AMIX tried to do?  What is FV's story about why they will
>succeed where AMIX failed?

Several differences:  AMIX was never on the net (that would have reduced
their transaction cost quite a bit), they were a separate service (they
intended to get on the net, but never got a chance).  Also, AMIX was trying
to build a particular kind of marketplace rather than just being an online
money service.  BTW This is not intended to argue for or against either
kind of service.