Subject: "Free the Code" of obsolete products, says Dvorak...
From: John Gilmore <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 1995 17:48:45 -0800

In the Jan 95 "PC Computing", page 75, John Dvorak writes a column
that advises companies with obsolete or discontinued products to free
up the source code so that the users, rather than getting disgruntled,
can support themselves.

He then suggests that Microsoft, Novell, and/or IBM should do this for DOS,
which is basically obsolete.

Other products he suggests freeing the sources for include PenPoint,
Lotus's Magellan, Agenda, Express, Improv, Symphony, and Jazz,
Microsoft MultiPlan, and Symantec Q&A.

He mentions that such products would likely continue to evolve "as
they were beefed up by companies such as JP Software (4DOS) and others
that would invariably improve the code."

Worth reading -- and sending to people who are hoarding obsolete products.