Subject: Re: GPL & interfaces
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 15:02:05 -0400 (EDT)

Richard Stallman writes:
 > I am no longer being allowed to post on
 > I do not know why, I only see that my messages are bouncing.
 > I don't think I should participate in a conversation which has the
 > tinge of a debate, if the other side is going to appear on that list
 > and mine will not.

This message got to the list just fine.  Any messages that bounced,
were bounced because they were CC'ed to one of the following mailing
lists.  The owner of pleb has pleaded TWICE for people to stop CC'ing
the list.  License-discuss is for the discussion of proposed licenses,
not theoretical discussions of licenses.  I don't know about the rest
of the lists -- but any members who wish to continue in the discussion
are free to join fsb.

If you (that's the plural you, Richard) know better than me, feel free 
to send a separate copy of your message to those other lists.  But as
far as I know, they don't want to receive such mail; in some cases
emphatically so.

openip @
geda-dev @
f-cpu @
ppc-mobo @
pleb @
license-discuss @
cglug-chat @

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