Subject: Re: a mechanism for getting paid for support
From: (E. Dean Tribble)
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 22:20:37 -0800

At 23:50 1/6/95 -0800, L. Peter Deutsch wrote:
>> Also, AMIX was trying to build a particular kind of marketplace rather than
>> just being an online money service.  BTW This is not intended to argue for or
>> against either kind of service.
>How was AMIX's intended marketplace for information and services different from
>FV's marketplace for information and services?  I'm having trouble seeing the

A couple of more things.  AMIX was tracking state taxes for people in
different states, had automated support for contract resolution, had
arbitration services in place to resolve disputes, didn't transmit credit
cards over the net, etc.  FV may have some of these (though my impression
is not many), but I worry about the security of their payment mechanism
(and people's credit card numbers).

On the other hand, being on the Internet (especially now that it is even
bigger) will probably make a big difference, if they can help with the
information-finding problem.