Subject: YAPBI (Yet Another Partly-Baked Idea)
From: (Rich Morin)
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 95 07:23:43 PST


In my efforts to find a reasonable way for FSB's to help out worthwhile
organizations (without bankrupting themselves in the process :-), I have
evolved the following scheme:

  The FSB figures out a sustainable offer that can be made to supporters
  of the organization(s) it chooses.  In our case, this might be a half-
  price offer for any current PTF product.

  Through some sort of tracking mechanism, the organization(s) authorize
  supporters to receive this benefit.  Our notion is to give out stacks
  of serialized "Half Price" cards.  The upper half contains information
  on PTF; the lower half tears off and gets sent in with an order.

  The organization(s) promise to give out the offers only in return for
  substantial purchases or donations (e.g., in excess of $100).  This
  keeps them from glutting the market with the orders, driving down ALL
  of the FSB's prices.

  The FSB keeps the organization(s) on a tight leash, controlling the
  number of offers they can give out.  Any organization that abuses the
  program can be dropped, at the FSB's discretion.

I see this as a win-win situation, very similar to the bonuses offered
by public radio stations in their pledge drives.  The organization(s)
get to offer an incentive to donate and/or purchase product, and the
FSB gets some relatively inexpensive marketing.

If there is no limit on the number of FSBs and organizations that can
play, I don't think the organization(s) can be accused of "playing
favorites".  On the other hand, the FSBs are quite free to play any
favorites they choose.

Whaddaya Thinque?

Rich Morin
Prime Time Freeware