Subject: Re: ways of funding
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:08:28 -0400

> I say "somewhat unrealistic" because reuse of software components is a
> hard management problem.  The theory for free software is obvious:
> some extra reuse[1] will be generated by the very fact the source is
> open to random developers, but I see no evidence that in practice free
> software will result in the desirable levels of resources being
> devoted to reuse.  It seems more likely that most people will hang
> out, waiting for the libraries to magically appear, and when they
> really really need it, they'll either buy or build the minimum they
> need, and not put huge amounts of resources into further reusability
> not of direct benefit to themselves and their customers.

I agree that reuse is a difficult problem.  However I submit that CPAN
(the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) demonstrates that in
the real world a free software project can achieve substantial levels
of re-use.