Subject: Re: Caldera
From: (Russell Nelson)
Date: Mon, 1 May 95 23:47 EDT

   Date: Mon, 01 May 1995 17:56:33 PDT
   From: Chris Maeda <>

   What's the added value over Win95 or NT?  Source code and
   Unix "applications".  If that's all there is, I wish them luck;
   they'll need it.

Maybe I didn't make it clear enough what they're doing.  They have a
toolkit that lets you recompile your Windows 3.1 program into a
Caldera Desktop application.

The advantage Caldera has over Win95 or NT or OS/2 is that the
operating system is free.  If they make a way for hardware
manufacturers to ship Windows 3.1 && Caldera at the same time at no
added cost, AND they can convince a few software manufacturers to
recompile using their toolkit, then they can provide some added value:
a real operating system with protection between processes and users,
that is technically superior to Win95 and NT.

It would be easy to do -- have a dual boot system with two partitions,
one for Windows and one for Linux.  Provide Windows and Linux programs
to control which OS boots first, and provide Windows and Linux
programs to delete the other operating system and reuse the partition.

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