Subject: Caldera
From: John Romkey <>
Date: Tue, 2 May 1995 13:36:56 -0400

From: Joseph.Arceneaux@WellsFargo.COM
   Date: Tue, 2 May 1995 09:19:38 -0700
   Reply-To: Joseph.Arceneaux@WellsFargo.COM

   Concerning the implementation, however, I don't know anyone running NT
   who doesn't complain about how often it crashes (perhaps it's just
   that PC mentality).

I've been running NT 3.5 pretty much since it was released and it's
crashed once on me (as I was shutting the system down and telling a
friend who much I liked NT 3.5 and how it never, ever crashed on me :)

I have heard a *lot* of horror

I've been very impressed with its reliability, usability and
compatability. Granted, I'm running it on studly machines, so I don't
run out of memory or disk space or run into other boundary conditions
like that. I've also been very impressed with its networking
capabilities. It's lacking in the applications area, but then, it's an
operating system, not an applications suite. I don't have any desire
to touch Microsoft BackOffice or whatever they call it. I also have no
desire to run an http server or any other services off the machine.

I *also* run a Linux system for my UNIX hacking. I'm also happy with
Linux. I haven't found it to be as reliable as NT 3.5, but I have
found it to be more reliable than many commercial UNIX's I've used.
	- john romkey