Subject: Re: Caldera
From: "Marty Leisner" <>
Date: Tue, 2 May 1995 11:27:20 PDT

>       The advantage Caldera has over Win95 or NT or OS/2 is that the
>       operating system is free.  If they make a way for hardware
>       manufacturers to ship Windows 3.1 && Caldera at the same time at no
>       added cost, AND they can convince a few software manufacturers to
>       recompile using their toolkit, then they can provide some added value:
>       a real operating system with protection between processes and users,
>       that is technically superior to Win95 and NT.
>    1) A free OS is not worth much, especially when the other vendors are
>    cutting prices to get market share.  I know of a once die-hard Unix shop
>    that is going with Win3.11 and NT3.5 because a free Unix with source code
>    did not outweigh the availability of Access, Visual Basic, and low-cost
>    industrial-strength relational database technology.

Free (pricewise) software is not worth much without source in most

I'd much rather pay a small amount and have makeable source then
try to invest time without a black-box product.

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