Subject: Re: "rights" and "freedoms"
From: Jean Camp <>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 15:56:19 -0500

At 6:49 AM +0000 11/1/99, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> The current term (previously adopted by many other Berne
>treaty signatories) is commonly seen as serving commercial interests
>(Disney features heavily in this dicusssion) who are concerned with the
>possibility of lapsing copyright on still-valuable, but aged, works,
>rather than sufficient incentive to create new ones.  IMO a fair
>argument could be made that a term exceeding the lifespan of an author
>is blatently unconstitutional ("to authors..., for limited terms").  The
>additional present value cost of an additional ten, twenty, or fifty
>years of copyright revenue to an author contemplating publication is
>virtually nil.
Interestingly enough this is exactly the argument being made by the Berkman
Center in its challange to the Digital Mil. Copyright Act. We'll see how it
turns out.