Subject: Re: Caldera
From: (Jose A. Fernandez)
Date: Tue, 2 May 1995 11:46:02 +0800

    John> From: Joseph.Arceneaux@WellsFargo.COM
    John>    Date: Tue, 2 May 1995 09:19:38 -0700
    John>    Reply-To: Joseph.Arceneaux@WellsFargo.COM

    John>    Concerning the implementation, however, I don't know anyone running NT
    John>    who doesn't complain about how often it crashes (perhaps it's just
    John>    that PC mentality).

    John> I've been running NT 3.5 pretty much since it was released and it's
    John> crashed once on me (as I was shutting the system down and telling a
    John> friend who much I liked NT 3.5 and how it never, ever crashed on me :)

When I ran the unpatched release of Windows/NT 3.5 (build 807, I
believe), I would suffer "blue screen" crashes (which I am told are
mostly caused by device driver bugs).

Since applying Service Pack 2 on all the Windows/NT PC's I use, I have
not had a "blue screen" crash.

    John> I have heard a *lot* of horror

    John> I've been very impressed with its reliability, usability and
    John> compatability. Granted, I'm running it on studly machines, so I don't
    John> run out of memory or disk space or run into other boundary conditions
    John> like that. I've also been very impressed with its networking
    John> capabilities. It's lacking in the applications area, but then, it's an
    John> operating system, not an applications suite. I don't have any desire
    John> to touch Microsoft BackOffice or whatever they call it. I also have no
    John> desire to run an http server or any other services off the machine.

    John> I *also* run a Linux system for my UNIX hacking. I'm also happy with
    John> Linux. I haven't found it to be as reliable as NT 3.5, but I have
    John> found it to be more reliable than many commercial UNIX's I've used.
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