Subject: Re: Red Hat and Cygnus unify
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 11:15:29 -0500

I have two concerns that I would like publically addressed.

The first is that Cygnus traditionally has addressed groups well beyond
Linux.  Other versions of Unix, other types of embedded systems, Windows.
Many of these areas directly compete with Linux.  I think that people who
rely on Cygnus in these areas will want to hear a guarantee that the new
combined company will continue to support them

The second is quality control.  Red Hat is gaining an unfortunate
reputation for having poor quality control.  Cygnus has traditionally been
trusted and depended upon to deliver quality.  The switch to the EGCS code
base (no matter how good the reasons for it) has already caused issues with
people who want to know that they can trust their compiler to act
predictably, this move will raise more question marks.

I have more private concerns (eg a personal distaste for this land grab)
but I would not expect those issues to be publically addressed.