Subject: Re: Free Software == Dumping??
From: Michael Tiemann <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 09:16:39 -0700

"dumping", in the strict sense, is very damaging to society.  Support
there are 10 companies in competition, and one is ten times the size of
all the others combined.  If one of the small companies can create a mfg
process that gives them a 10% price advantage, they can build market
share (limited by their ability to produce, market, deliver, etc).

If the big company "dumps" at 10% below the lowest cost any of the small
companies can afford, then in the short term the consumer wins, but in
the long term, the big company now has a monopolistic position, and
that's never good for consumers.

I think that free software strategies are clean wrt dumping, as long as
you can document that you are not "selling below cost to produce".  The
cost of "producing" copies of an internet release is basically zero, so
you don't need to charge very much to avoid a dumping claim.