Subject: Red Hat and Cygnus case study
From: Jean Camp <>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 10:54:08 -0500

I have been considering my contributions to Open Source and Free Software.
Besides the fact that Richard has agreed to speak to my class (which will
hopefully become an annual thing) (Tim has not responded HINT HINT) I think
that this limits the audience I might address to a hundred or so a year.
Hopefully 100 future decision makers but that is still limited.

So I have spoken to a couple of folks at the B School about doing a joint
KSG/ HBS case study. Very positve response.  Since half the business
schools are HBS Inside (check out the reading lists) this might make an
excellent way to explain to a large, captive :->, business bound population
the realities of open source.

I would very much like to start in spring and finish in summer a case study
on the Red Hat/Cygnus merger. This requires interviews and some commitment
on the part of both companies. Who should I contact? Is there agreement
that this would be worthwhile?  Is some other b-school already doing this?