Subject: Re: Red Hat and Cygnus unify
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 19:40:31 -0500

> Why do you want to make financial promises second-class citizens
> relative to some other promises made by FSBs?

I don't.  I'm not saying, 'grab the investors' money and use it
contrary to their expectations'.  I'm saying, start a company with a
"prospectus" where investors agree up front to certain limits on the
company's actions.

> you do need to make it explicit so that FSBs understand what they
> need to give away to get the "Brian Bartholomew Charity Software
> Seal of Approval."

To get my Charity Software Seal of Approval you have to act like a
charity, not a business.  Let's set that one aside, it's not for fsb.

Instead, I'd like businesses to compete for my Good Value Software
Seal of Approval.  Mostly it's about tying profit to real progress.
What 'real progress' ought to mean I think deserves a lot of debate,
but I'm pretty sure it doesn't include appealing to or promoting the
users acting irrationally.

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