Subject: Re: The merger: a user's perspective
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 09:52:09 -0500

Bradley Kuhn wrote:
> > More companies have been springing up like weeds.
> Really?  Is there a list somewhere?  As far as I can tell, they aren't
> hiring.  I look on a daily basis for places that might be hiring for free
> software jobs.  There are very few.  I help the FSF maintain the Free
> Software Job Page (, and as you can see, we don't
> get job postings submitted very often.
> Right now, on my list, here are the only places that I know are hiring for
> positions where someone can work writing and documenting only free software:
> Convergence Integrated Media GMBH
> LinuxCare
> Red Hat/Cygnus
> The Scripps Research Institute
> VA Linux
> Wind River Systems
> Does anyone know of others?

I am aware of others.

What is your definition?  That there exist full-time jobs in the company
working only on free software?  This is a generous definition and holds
true at many proprietary companies.  For instance Bob Young mentioned in a
speech I heard that SAP has engineers working full-time on resolving issues
with Linux that cause SAP performance problems..  Jeremy Allison, number
two on the Samba list is a full-time employee of SGI - his job is to work
on Samba.  Many other examples exist.

That the company in question additionally is mainly associated with free
software?  The most ironical example that comes to mind is ActiveState.
(They maintain the standard Win32 version of Perl.  The irony should be
apparent.:-)  Others are out there as well.  The most recent example that I
heard of is Miguel's new start-up devoted to Gnome.

That the companies are represented on this list?  I am deliberately
avoiding naming those examples in the hopes that people like Karsten will
pipe up and confirm what I suspect.. :-)

But one point comes to mind.  While these companies exist, would guess that
by and large they are hiring off the street.  Many of them move employees
into that role, but they are not actively hiring for that type of position.