Subject: Re: FSB == Loss Leader Marketing?
From: (Adam J. Richter)
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 17:37 PDT

>In fact, aren't many (most?) free-software businesses, by
>giving away a "lite" product to increase sales of a "pro" 
>version, using loss leader marketing tactics?

	It's pushing the definition of "free software business"
as used on this mailing list to include distributing evaluation
or "demo" versions of proprietary software at no charge as part of
the sales cycle for their proprietary software product.
Besides, crippleware is usually not free.  It usually does not include
the freedom to improve the software without restriction or incorporate
the software into other free programs.  Usually it doesn't even include
the source code.  When we speak of "free software" on this list, we
mean "free" in terms of freedom, not price (although there are usually
ways to obtain a copy of most free software without being directly
charged for it).

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