Subject: Re: free software vs. open source
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 10:17:15 +1100

I know this thread will just degenerate into yet another "what is
freedom?" debate, so before it does...

I consider my business to be an "open source" business, not a "free
software" business.  I am concerned that because of this, I am not as
welcome on this list as I might otherwise be.  (I have a personal soft
spot for free software, as do most of our staff, but the ideal of
freedom is not the basis on which our business operates.)

Can someone please tell me, are "open source" business people welcome 
here, or should I just go start an "OSB" list -- which I had in fact
intended to do, until someone pointed out to me that there was already
an FSB list and that there might be unnecessary overlap. 

If we *are* welcome here, in theory, then I will start using the term
"open source" in my posts and not feeling paranoid about it.  And I
would further expect not to get criticized for doing so.

(Not saying that I have so far, just that I'm worried that I might be,
and have been playing it safe so far.)


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