Subject: Re: free software vs. open source
From: "Michael A. Olson" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 16:02:08 -0800

At 10:17 AM 11/24/99 +1100, Kirrily Robert wrote:

> Can someone please tell me, are "open source" business people welcome 
> here, or should I just go start an "OSB" list

FSB is mostly about "free," occasionally about "software," and
almost never about "business."  It's clear from the traffic that
there's an audience interested in that mix.  Personally, I'd
be more interested in a list that focused on business issues --
maybe "BOS", for "Business of Open Source."

For example, the Red Hat/Cygnus deal has burned a lot of
phosphor already, but I haven't seen much discussion at all
about some of the really interesting questions that underlie
it.  RH paid some serious money for Cygnus (and congratulations
to our colleagues there, whose commitment has now paid off
the old-fashioned way).  What did both sides see as the basis
for the valuation?

CNNfn reports that Red Hat is going after the handheld market.
Windows CE is crumbling and the PalmOS isn't what you want for
computationally-intensive problems.  This seems like a great
move.  I'd like to read about this stuff on FSB or a more
business-focused descendant, not in the mainstream press.