Subject: Re: free software vs. open source
From: (Kirrily 'Skud' Robert)
Date: 24 Nov 1999 00:09:21 GMT

In article <>, Michael A. Olson 
>FSB is mostly about "free," occasionally about "software," and
>almost never about "business."  It's clear from the traffic that
>there's an audience interested in that mix.  Personally, I'd
>be more interested in a list that focused on business issues --
>maybe "BOS", for "Business of Open Source."

Ooooh, you're *so* right.

>For example, the Red Hat/Cygnus deal has burned a lot of
>phosphor already, but I haven't seen much discussion at all
>about some of the really interesting questions that underlie
>it.  RH paid some serious money for Cygnus (and congratulations
>to our colleagues there, whose commitment has now paid off
>the old-fashioned way).  What did both sides see as the basis
>for the valuation?

This is the sort of thing I'd really like to discuss, to be honest.
Anyone else?


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