Subject: Re: free software vs. open source
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 23:33:29 -0500 (EST)

Michael A. Olson writes:
 > FSB is mostly about "free," occasionally about "software," and
 > almost never about "business."  It's clear from the traffic that
 > there's an audience interested in that mix.  Personally, I'd
 > be more interested in a list that focused on business issues --
 > maybe "BOS", for "Business of Open Source."

That's why I created this list -- because I had recently started a
free software business and wanted to better understand what I was in
the middle of doing.

So feel free to drag the discussion kicking and screaming in that

 > CNNfn reports that Red Hat is going after the handheld market.
 > Windows CE is crumbling and the PalmOS isn't what you want for
 > computationally-intensive problems.

There's a *ton* of money in embedded systems, AND there's a *ton* of
money to be made on a royalty-free operating system.  So yeah, I agree
with you.  The only thing is that the only Linux handheld has been the
Itsy, and Compaq ain't makin' 'em!  Lotta pent up demand there.  Lotta 
16Mbyte handhelds with equal-sized ROM waiting for a Linux port.

-russ nelson <>
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