Subject: forking the list considered harmful (was Re: free software vs. open source)
From: "Bradley M. Kuhn" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 12:21:39 -0500

Michael A. Olson wrote:
> At 10:17 AM 11/24/99 +1100, Kirrily Robert wrote:
> > Can someone please tell me, are "open source" business people welcome 
> > here, or should I just go start an "OSB" list
> FSB is mostly about "free," occasionally about "software," and almost
> never about "business."  It's clear from the traffic that there's an
> audience interested in that mix.  Personally, I'd be more interested in a
> list that focused on business issues -- maybe "BOS", for "Business of Open
> Source."

There has been much talk such as this about forking this list to make it
more oriented toward business, or toward the "open source" side of the camp,
or whatever.

I think forking is a bad idea, and would be a premature optimization.  If
folks strive to keep subject lines germane, I think we can carry on a number
of discussions here that fall under the 'FSB' banner but may not be of
interest to all members.

Personally, I am here because I want to be an employee of some company that
does free software business so that I can have a career writing, documenting
and supporting free software.  I am on the list to find ways to help myself
and others find such employment opportunities.

Granted, that might not be the exact focus of this list, but I think it's
on-topic and germane.  Why start forking off sublists now?  Everyone can
look at subject lines and read threads that interest them.

I'd hate to see the list fork.
         -  -  Bradley M. Kuhn  -  -