Subject: Re: Back to business [was: the Be thread]
From: (Kirrily 'Skud' Robert)
Date: 25 Nov 1999 00:48:41 GMT

Keith Bostic wrote:
>In my own case, Berkeley DB, we get almost no contributions from
>our user base.  Users find bugs, of course, but I can count on
>two hands the number of submissions that included an attempt at
>a fix, and I can think of exactly two bugs where the fix was

The Cathedral and the Bazaar makes it clear that while development/coding
follows Brooks law (ie adding more coders makes communications overheads
greater), the same is not true for testing.  Open source software allows
everyone to bash at the code and report bugs, which are usually fixed by
a core team, or at least that team will be responsibile for reviewing
and aggregating contributed patches.  While the Internet does make
communications between developers easier, it doesn't mean that Brooks'
Law is totally meaningless to OSS development... it just means that the
curve is flatter.


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