Subject: Re: First Virtual
From: Nathaniel Borenstein <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 16:30:13 -0400 (EDT)

Sorry for the delay replying, I am the only FV person who reads this
mailing list, and I was off-net for a few weeks (moving from NJ to
Michigan).  Thanks also to the several fsb list members who sent me
private mail asking why I hadn't answered this message.

Excerpts from mail: 27-Jun-95 First Virtual Adam J. Richter@yggdrasi (463)

> 	Some time ago, there was a discussion of First Virtual setting
> up a network that would make it easy for customers to buy technical
> support over the internet, even on a per problem basis from an
> independent consultant.  I was wondering if that system is up and
> running now, if it has evolved, and generally how it's working out.
> Does anybody know?

Yes, FV is alive and kicking.  In fact, we're doing very well -- all
measures of our business volumes have been growing consistently, for the
last 6 months, at about 15% per week.  The raw numbers are starting to
get significant very fast.  The basic system that you see today has not
evolved much from its rollout last October, but there are lots of
developments going on behind the scenes that will give us some more
visible evolution in the not-too-distant future.

Basic information is available from, or 
Small merchants abount on our Infohaus, at 
Some sample large merchants are:
			(see "premium research reports")
			(try buying the software)

There are also lots of other FV-enabled businesses floating around on
the net these days....  -- Nathaniel
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