Subject: [comp.sys.sgi.apps] Re: graphics on a Linux box from SGI Indigo
From: Michael Tiemann <>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 08:54:47 -0700

It has long been presumed that proprietary hardware vendors would never
open their specs up to free software platforms.  While OpenGL is a
proprietary library, the fact that it runs on Linux means that we're one
step closer to being able to run full-powered software on full-powered
hardware.  If/when you can get Mesa (a free OpenGL) on Martin Marietta's
Real3D (1/2 an SGI Impact at 1/10th the price), things will really get
interesting in the world of virtual reality!

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From: (Dave Ahn)
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Subject: Re: graphics on a Linux box from SGI Indigo
Date: 14 Sep 1995 14:47:49 GMT
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Mihail Iotov <> writes:

>I heard recently that Evans & Sutherland were selling OpenGL server derived
>XFree86 (I believe) for only $79. I gave it significant consideratoin,
>but decided to wait because it only supports 8 bpp and I don't know anything
>about it. 

Our project group recently purchased Metrolink's OpenGL for Linux/XFree86,
and after an initial setup problem, things are working fine.  I'm
able to display OpenGL based apps from SGI -> Linux.  it supports
true color as well as 64K and 256 at various resolutions, and aside
from the speed (extremely slow, since everything is done in software),
it does work as advertised.  Price tag is a bit steeper than E&S's at
$200, but you get a free upgrade to the future release of a
hardware accelerated version (probably supporting the common S3, Mach64,
and some of the 3D accelerated cards coming out soon).

If you need an OpenGL solution for XFree86 right now, I'd go with
Metrolink's.  And be prepared to have at least 32MB RAM and high end
Pentium CPU if you want to get some semi-real results (rendering).

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